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Die 15 years of Bike Syndikat Feierei steht an, sozusagen schon in knapp zwei Wochen.
Hier wird natürlich all‘ das geboten was man erwartet; die Austragung der Meisterschaft der Kölner Kuriere, möglichst viel Party mit sehr viel guter Musik, Mett und diverse Pils-Sorten aus der grünen Flasche.

Das Programm füllt das Wochenende von Freitag Abend bis Sonntag (Nacht?), und zwar ungefähr so:

The final timetable

Friday 19:00 – 23:00: Meeting and registration in the Bike Syndikat rooms. There is also going to be some food.
Friday 23:00: Start for the out-of-towner alleycat. A nice and easy alleycat so you have the possibility to get to know your way around Cologne. Finish and party will be in the Zoo Schänke. Of course you can also take part if you are from Cologne. Maybe you even become first not-out-of-towner.

Saturday 12:00 – 14:00: Breakfast and registration in the Bike Syndikat. Get some coffee and Mettbrötchen before the race.
Saturday 14:00: Racestart for the Cologne Bicycle Messenger Championship. The race is open for everybody.
Saturday 19:00: Finish and dinner in the Bike Syndikat.
Saturday 21:00: Award ceremony and group ride to the Tsunami Club. That’s the party location for Saturday night. Unfortunately without the planned punkrock concert, but we are working hard on some alternatives. If you can remember this night you won’t forget it.

Sunday 15:00: If you are not already on your way home, you can join us for some relaxation in the Ossendorf public pool. We are having a BBQ afterwards, so better take of Monday as well, and don’t forget to bring your swimming gear.

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Dienstag, November 12th, 2013 Bicycle.

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