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Tim Martin ist Maps and Diagrams. Mir begegnet er immer wieder mit diversen Releases auf unterschiedlichsten Labels, meistens irgendwo angesiedelt in experimentellen oder ambienten Bereichen. Er ist ebenfalls auf zu finden.

Irgendwo in meiner Favoritenliste ( fand ich am Karvevalswochendende erneut diesen großartigen Mix aus dem Jahr 2010. Er wird leider oft vergessen, unter allen Favoriten der langen Liste. Gut dass ich in immer wieder finde, und trotzdem, ich sollte ausmisten.

Since releasing a track on the RND_0.34873349921 compilation on the Pause_2 label in 2001, Maps and Diagrams has released music on many labels, aswell as appearing on the John Peel (Rip) radio show amongst other radio and online mixes and broadcasts. As Maps and Diagrams, Tim has also previously released music for Neo Ouija, Tundra Music, Static Caravan, Moamoo, Toytronic, Expanding Records, Arable Records, Ak Duck, Awkward Silence Recordings and Smallfish.

For the past few months Tim has been working on more timbral dispositions for Handstitched* Recordings, a series of releases ( * f o e l / * k o o m ) collated from field and acoustic sound recordings, these releases have been hand-packaged in hand stitched in cork sleeves and are limited to 50 copies for the world, Tim is working on finalising the next two releases with Handstitched* as we speak and should be released this year.

Maps and Diagrams – fromideastowords by Fluid Radio on Mixcloud

Dienstag, Februar 12th, 2013 Music.

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