Wenn Matt Gilley über Musik schreibt, dann eigentlich immer über gute Musik. So auch dieses Mal, in seinem Artikel TEN FROM MATT auf der Seite vom allseits beliebten Fluid Radio aus Südostengland. Wir finden gute Releases von Max Richter, Memory Drawings, Orcas, Richard Skelton, Bersarin Quartett oder Fieldhead.

„Glancing through my iTunes library (other softwares are available) in preparation for this list, I was surprised to find that I’ve listened to a lot less new music this year than in each of the previous two years – roughly half as much. I don’t really know why this is. It’s certainly not because this year has been a bad one for music, I’m not sure if there are ever bad years for music, just years where you have to search harder. It’s a combination of factors I imagine, but less music hasn’t meant I’ve enjoyed music less. My only regret is that maybe I’ve been less musically adventurous, but hopefully other people’s end of year lists will help with that. One of my greatest pleasures reading them is catching up on albums I’ve missed.

Many column inches seem to have been devoted this year to saying how subjective list-making is. I won’t bore you with many more, except to say that these albums aren’t necessarily the ones I’ve listened to the most, but they are ones that have moved me, intrigued me and captivated me in ways that make them worthy of being written about. They are the ones that come to mind first. If you ask me in a week the list will probably be different. Next year I might find that I’ve barely listened to one of them. There are two that will stay with me forever – they will be found in the top two places.

Oh, and I still haven’t listened to the new Godspeed You! Black Emperor album, so when I do it’s reasonable to assume it might make it in here somewhere…“


Montag, Dezember 17th, 2012 Music.

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